installation / 2014
2014 / Le Lieu Unique / Nantes, France

Z is a project dealing with the contrast and contradictions of the virtual and physical spaces in our daily life.

The exhibition consists of two separate areas: the entrance and the Zone. The visitor has a possibility to borrow a machine called Triffid whose functions resemble a smartphone - it's a mobile device with a screen, two cameras and positioning abilities. The Triffid provides the ability to see and navigate in the Zone. The trust is built between the visitor and the Triffid during the first steps in the Zone, but soon it's evident that the machine has hidden agendas pushing it's virtual logic to the physical human being.

2014 / Le Lieu Unique / Nantes, France
Enter the Zone
Entrance area
Back from the trip
Zone keepers

Concept, design, programming: Timo Toots
Metal constructions: Tõnu and Kaarel Narro
Additional programming: Taavi Ilves, Tanel Külaots
Electronic engineering: Tech-Thing OÜ (Jaanus Kalde, Karl-Sander Häidma, Ahti Laurisson, Mark Laane)
Sound: Hendrik Kaljujärv, Karl Saks

Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France
Ministry of Culture, Estonia

Jo Nurm, Harry Rull, Fabrique, Leelo-Mai Aunbaum, Ahti Lill, Kalev Toots, Tiiu Toots, Erki Männiste, Pent Talvet, Kersti Kirs, Tartek Plus AS, Neuron Systems OÜ (Gunnar Raadi), Autoreklaam OÜ, KH Energia-Konsult AS (Alvar Möldre), Oomipood (Rein Nigul), PAS (Raivo Plado), The team of Le Lieu Unique