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Wild Bits is an exhibition concept that proposes a temporary art park in the wilderness. The exhibition explores converging points of people, technology and nature. The technological art installation consisting of sounds, lights, texts, sculptures or online counterparts are placed in natural spaces like forests, fields, swamps and lakes.

The exhibitions are organised by a group of artists and curators connected to Maajaam farm for art and tech.

Visitors can find artworks on a stroll across vast meadows, past pony paddocks, through the lush forest and mysterious swamp. Exhibition guests are welcome to enjoy the wind radio and the forest perfumery, listen to the bizarre sounds reflecting over the pasture, transport pine cones out of the forest on a conveyor belt, empathise with the robot with a seemingly impossible task or instead row into the middle of the forest lake and study its biodiversity like a scientist.

Website of Wild Bits

☺ Credits

Curators, organizers: Mari-Liis Rebane, Kadri Lind , Marie Valgre , Taavi Suisalu, Timo Toots
Graphic design: Ingmar Järve
Video: Epp Kubu

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