Media Entertainments
News Casino is a time travel machine. Pull the lever and you will be taken on a journalistic journey to one day in this century, the previous one or the century before that! While the numbers are spinning, the digital archives of periodicals at the National Library of Estonia are rummaged through and a random clipping from the date selected is found. A historical “tweet” issues from the slot.

⌘ Exhibitions

2023 / Tartu Artist House / Tartu, Estonia
2020 / Estonian National Library / Tallinn, Estonia

❖ Collections

2020 / Estonian National Library / Tallinn, Estonia

☺ Credits

Programming: Kalev Toots, Timo Toots
Construction: Timo Toots, Eero Liiva, Nordic Metal Works

⍟ Funding

Estonian National Library
Cultural Endowment of Estonia

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