Privacy Machines

Reality TV is an installation dealing with transformation of every day objects into hybrid devices mixing physical reality with virtual one.

The installation consist of a dark mirror that uses cameras to detect presence of faces in front of it. The faces are marked on the mirror with a white square. When passers-by are looking to the mirror to get a glimpse of themselves, a white square apprear on the surface of the mirror. The position of the squares appear to frame the viewers face only when they look at themselves.

⌘ Exhibitions

2023 / Tartu Artist House / Tartu, Estonia
2017 / European Parliament / Brussels, Belgium

☺ Credits

Concept, design, programming: Timo Toots
Metal constructions: Kalev Toots
Programming: Tambet Matiisen, Arne Gödeke, Tanel Karindi

⍟ Funding

Cultural Endowment of Estonia

❤ Thanks

EKKM, Marten Esko

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