installation / 2014

The installation is a surveillance system for ants. It is over-the-top version of a nature camera. It has microphones wired in ant’s nest, sensors monitoring the climate inside and outside of the nest, camera watching over the little society of the ants. The gathered data and sounds are made public through the speakers and screens.

The idea of total surveillance in our society is becoming more accepted as much as we use these tools for our own personal needs or entertainment. You press the button to become the agent of your own Personal Surveillance Agency.

Installation is permanently installed next to KulttuuriKauppila art center in Ii, Northern Finland.

2014 / Ii Biennale of Northern Environmental and Sculpture Art / Ii, Finland

Concept, design, programming: Timo Toots
Electronics: Tech-thing OÜ (Jaanus Kalde, Karl-Sander Häidma)
Metal work: Tõnu Narro
Additional help: Kaarel Narro, Matis Averin, Dr Dave Lawrence, Kossu, Jaska


Jo Nurm, Kultuurikauppila team