Privacy Machines

Who doesn’t like cookies, especially when they’re free? By clicking and touching virtual buttons on devices every day, we are constantly biting into “cookies” and allowing them to “track” us. But are they really free or does it just seem so?

Accept the rules before the visit, take the “cookie” with you to the exhibition and return it after the visit!

The cookie dispenser is connected to gallery’s CCTV camera system and each cookie’s movements are followed through the gallery spaces. After the visit the cookie is returned. A personal web link is sent to the phone consisting of videos recorded during the visit.

⌘ Exhibitions

2023 / Tartu Artist House / Tartu, Estonia

☺ Credits

Concept, design, programming: Timo Toots
Programming: Magnus Valgre

⍟ Funding

Cultural Endowment of Estonia

❤ Thanks

Kalev Toots, Autoreklaam OÜ

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