Environmental Devices

The installation announces the commercial aircrafts that are currently above in the air. Robotic voice announces the origin and destination of the planes. Their distance from the location is expressed with beeping sounds.

Flight announcer runs on a solar panel and gets the data about the planes from Internet connection by GSM or Wifi.

⌘ Exhibitions

2022 / Raudondvaris / Kaunas, Lithuania
2019 / Voronja Gallery / Varnja, Estonia
2018 / Maajaam / Neeruti, Estonia
2015 / Maajaam / Neeruti, Estonia

⌘ Collections

2019 / Voronja Gallery / Varnja, Estonia

☺ Credits

Programming: Kalev Toots, Timo Toots, Tanel Karindi
Construction: Kalev Toots, Timo Toots