installation / 2019

We are used to the concept of sauna as an extreme heat therapy. In principal sauna is a small room with extreme sensory experience that is accompanied by rituals, beliefs and social interaction. It is possible to broaden the idea of a sauna to other fields of sensory impulses. Lightsauna was the first sauna in the series that used powerful light as the sensory medium. Elektrosauna is a small spaced filled with electronic trash that still operates on some level. It's filled with obsolete TVs, radios, computer, screens, alarm clocks, speakers, cassette players etc. Visitor can enter and close the door which starts the process. The gadgets are turned on one-by-on in a gradual composition and ends with the overload of sensory impulses when person opens the door and escapes.

Elektrosauna creates an immersive experience of the technological trash that we consume for very small amount of time and discard for something new. The e-waste is transported to developing countries and we have no knowledge what happens to it. Elektrosauna hides it in the small cabin, but unveils everything when the visitor enters.

2019 / Cesis Brewery / Cesis, Latvia

Programming: Timo Toots
Construction: Eero Liiva, Kaarel Narro, Kalev Toots, Timo Toots

Waste Art project
Cultural Endowment of Estonia