installation / 2007

"Don’t" is an installation that might look like a sculpture exhibition. On the three pillars the visitors finds a big red button, colorful modular sculpture and a webcamera. The red button acts like a flower for a bee. Even when the signs says DON'T, you want to push it. Pushing the forbitten button triggers the webcamera to capture the following events. The sculpture on the pillar explodes and the pieces fall on the ground. Now it's the question for the audience. What is your role in this?

2007 / Artist House / Tartu, Estonia
2007 / Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia / Tallinn, Estonia

2007.11.21 / Raimu Hanson / Postimees
2007.11.02 / Anneli Porri / Sirp

Concept, design, programming: Timo Toots
Programming: Tanel Külaots

Estonian Cultural Endowment

Kristiina Nurk