button workshop / 2016

The button workshop experiments with street art using interactive elements. The central component of the workshop is a large button that is familiar from traffic lights. The participants find places around the city that would host a possible intervention - a scene. The intervention would be triggered by the press of the button. The idea of the scene is composed of technological interventions using light, sound, movement etc. A map of all the buttons is created and spread around the city.

The first button workshop took place in Tartu during urban festival "UIT" in the summer of 2016.


  1. finding the spots
  2. conceptualizing the scenes
  3. planning the technicals
  4. builing the elements
  5. installing buttons
  6. documenting the result

This workshop is intended for people with some technical experience.

Evelyn Raudsepp and Henri Hütt
"Don't be afraid, I'm right behind you"

The shaking bush, surprising from the back.

Timo Toots and Martin Rästa
"Human Repellent"

Human torture sounds from the trees. Reaction against the crow repellents of Tartu.

Vahram Muradyan

Recorded children's jokes from the neighborhood.

Kerida Mira
"The factory is working"

Cloud of flour from the old mill.

Uku Pira

Shaking earth, built from old refrigerator's generator.

Tõnis Jürgens
"Rave shack"

Techno with smoke, lights and bass from a shack.

"The nerve"

Making of PCBs.
Animated light strips.
The buttons.

Concept: Timo Toots
Coordinators: Kadri Lind, Marie Kliiman
Photography: Ruudu Sandra
Tanel Külaots, Kalev Toots, UIT Festival volunteers